• Accommodation services in 5-star hotels next to the sea-standard room
  • Use of road route-MTV ( The route will be introduced by the cycling team coach.)

There are nearly 20 different alternative routes

  • Use of weightlifting-fitness hall facilities ( The hotels have a weightlifting hall and fitness hall (eleiko and werksan bar and kilos) and a massage table.
  • Airport-hotel transfer services
  • Full board meal services (buffet breakfast, buffet lunch, buffet dinner, alcohol on demand)

-Open buffet for lunch and dinner, salads, cold appetizers, hot meals, chicken fish and beef.

  • Serving free tea, coffee, water for training ( soft drink)
  • Laundry ( 5 pieces per person per day)
  • Use of sauna and hamam facilities
  • Outdoor-indoor pool facilities
  • 5 km tartan in front of the hotel.( for jogging)
  • Ice bath in the hotel
  • Roller usage service (inside the hotel)
  • Cycling parking and washing area service (inside the hotel)
  • Mechanic, sports doctor, sports masseur and physiotherapist service,
  • Car rental service

Please contact for race registrations.

For more information or reservations, feel free to contact us via email, Facebook or Instagram.